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High Efficient Paper Surface Sizing Agent (Weak anionic)

High Efficient Paper Surface Sizing Agent (Weak anionic)
Product Detailed
1 weak anionic 2.Viscosity: below 50 CPS 3 PH value: 2.5 ~5.5 4 Diff. solids content is available 5 Appearance:white latex


Efficient Surface Sizing Agent (Weak anionic)



1. Product Overview:


This product is styrene - acrylate polymer copolymer, used for the sizing between paper and paper board. Surface sizing agent can significantly improve paper waterproof performance, obviously improved ring pressure value, at the same time, it can also enhance the physical strength, smoothness, stiffness, etc at a a certain degree. In addition, it still can improve paper printing performance. Anionic surface sizing agent is widely used in surface sizing process of coated white board paper, white cardboard, coated paper, kraft board paper and high-strength corrugated paper, and be able to replace the imported products of this kind.



2. Product Properties


Anionic surface sizing agent has a wide application range, and it can be used for all kinds of surface sizing equipment; if used together with starch, it can obtain excellent surface strength, and improve the paper water resistance. Under the situation of greatly reduce of internal sizing agent , anionic surface sizing agent can exert its excellent properties; it can form a thin layer on the paper surface to reduce paper powder, improve air permeability and surface strength. Compared with previous sizing agent, anionic agent has an excellent performance, it not only can reduce the cost, but also can improve the production efficiency.



3. Technical index:


Ionic properties: weak anionic


Solid content: 25±1%


Viscosity: below 50 CPS


Shelf life: 6 months


Appearance: white emulsion


PH value: 2.5 ~5.5 (25 degrees Celsius)


Solubility: soluble in water under normal temperature




4. Product Features


1) This product has excellent resistance to water, can completely replace the commonly used rosin agent and AKD series of internal sizing agent, clear paper machine and reduce the cost.


2) Greatly reduce the paper powder generagted, improve the surface strength of printing adaptability.


3) Largely improve the air permeability and water resistance.


4) It has excellent mechanical stability, can be used on different types of machines.


5) Compared with other sizing agent, it generates less foam, but no reduce of paper whiteness.




5. Usage & Precautions


1) oxidize starch in 90-95°C for 30 minutes, dilute the solution to 8-10%; when the temperature of starch solution drop to 60-70 °C, add 5-20% of sizing stoste compared to starch; It could have more better sizing effect if used together with aluminum sulfate.


2) Sizing agent can only be added after the starch gelatinization and dilution well (temperature of starch solution shoule no more than 75 °C after dilution), stir evenly for later use. Experience shows that better sizing effect can be achieved at the temperature of 65-75 °C. 


3) Dosage of sizing agent is subject to paper type, raw material and sizing degree and make corresponding adjustment; dosage for per ton of white board paper and kraft board pape is about 3kg , and the surface absorptivity could achieve 30g/ m²(60 seconds) below: dosage for per ton of corrugated paper is 3-4 kg, and surface absorptivity could achieve 40g/ m² (60 seconds) below. 


4) Anionic sizing agent can be used together with other anionic and non-ionic additives in sizing process together with starch in gengeral, but it must not be used with cationic oxidized starch . 


5) In sizing process, the temperature of cylinder should be controlled at about 120 °C. When paper added, it will achieve complete sizing degree; but when the temperature is too low and drying is not sufficient,there’ll have certain sizing maturation period.


6) The moisture of paper roll influence the paper surface adsorption to sizing starch liquid. Generally, the moisture shoule be controlled at about 6.0-8.5.


7) To avoid rapid drying.


8)Prevent from frozen in winter,and storage in 4-25 degrees Celsius; avoid direct exposure, and keept in the shade place.



High Efficient Paper Surface Sizing Agent (Weak anionic)

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