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Highly Efficient Surface Sizing

Highly Efficient Surface Sizing
Product Detailed
surface sizing agent can enhance the surface strength of paper and water resistance, stiffness, smoothness and printing effect.

1.Product Introduction

   Surface sizing agent is a production of the paper industry to enhance the surface strength of paper or cardboard, and water resistance, stiffness, ring crush strength, smoothness and printing properties on the paper surface finishing. This product has an excellent affinity with the fiber as well as the strong central pressure empowerment.

2.Product performance afeatures

   a.During the sizing process, the product has cationic, which keep the excellent affinity and retention with the fiber, and good compatibility and synergies with starch and other additives;

   b.Significantly improve the water resistance and central pressure strength of containerboard and corrugated;

   c.To improve paper surface strength and water resistance, and completely replace the internal sizing; Able to change the phenomenon of paper moisture-proof retreat glue

   d.Has the excellent mechanical stability, less bubble generation during operation, and it is not necessary to add defoamers;

   e.This product with the starch surface sizing with less dosage, low cost, sizing effect significant advantages, fully able to replace imported products;

3.Product Application

   The product can be used with the sizing starch effective cross-linking,good film-forming; Able to improve the printing surface strength and degree of sizing of the finished paper, it also can reduce the cost and improve the production efficiency. Containerboard and corrugated surface sizing, can completely replace the internal sizing.

4.Technical indices

   Lonic properties :   positive ion

  Outward appearance:   white or sandy beige liquid

  Solids content: 30%±2%

  PH value: 2.5-5.5

  Adhesin: <30cps  Stability: ≥ three months

5. Application method

  1.original starchgelatinization , oxidation process

     a.Starch gelatinizedprocess:

Injecting about 70% of water into the starch gelatinization tank, starting the stirrer and the original starch poured into the tank slowly ; Slowly increase the temperature to about 60 °C togelatinize; stop heating , add ammonium persulfate, and stirred for 15 minutes. When the temperature dropped to 50 ° C, incubated for 10 minutes to carry on the oxidation reaction; continue heating for the gelatinization reaction, when the temperature was raised to 85-90 ° C, incubated for 20 minutes; added diluted with water, the temperature at about 65 °C.

     b.Feeding process proportion:

Starch: ammonium persulfate=1000:4     c.The starch pasting concentration is 10-15% use concentration is 8-12%.

   2. PH adjustment, starch glue liquid gelatinized completely with aluminum sulfate solution to adjust pH value to about 3.0.

(Tons of paper withaluminum sulfate3-4 kg)

   3. Addition and Usage ofsurface sizing agent

a.Dosage: According to different slurry, tons of paper consumption was 0.5-2.5kg.

b.adding method:

     (1). Intermittent added, After starch gelatinization diluted liquid temperature dropped to about 60 °C, add the measurement sizing agent slowly, at the same time start stirring, stir reserve;

     (2). Continuously added ,according to the paper machine speed to calculate the yield of the paper, calculated based on yield tons of paper starch consumption and traffic on plastic additives, before the starch sizing machine with metering pump continuously fed. Continuously added need starch glue tank fluid position automatic to control.

6. Precautions

   a.Starch gelatinization must be completely and uniform ,the concentration and viscosity index of the starch solution should be stable .

   b.Aluminum sulphate must be added before usage, adjusting the PH value of starch.

   c.Control starch liquid temperature dropped to about 60 °C temperature before added the product ,continuously adding temperature can be appropriate relaxation.

   d.Avoid containing a counter ion of additives in the same position ,and at the same time mix;

   e.The products do not contain harmful ingredients, if contact with skin or gets into the eyes, immediately rinse with water.

7. Packing and storage 

   a.With 1000kg polyethylene plasticdrums   b.The products should be stored at 5-30 °C, drying, ventilation, shade, pay attention to the prevention of frost and exposure.

   c.In the case of compliance with the above storage conditions, product is valid for 3 months.

Highly Efficient Surface Sizing

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